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TENA Ultra Briefs with Tabs

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Keep your loved ones dry, comfortable, and healthy with TENA Tab Briefs in Ultra. With a moisture proof plastic lining that stops leaks and a moisture trapping core, this diaper stays dry on your sides, protecting both your loved ones and your furniture. With easily refastenable tabs, you can readjust the fit until your loved one is snug and comfortable. Fully breathable side panels keep skin cool, while odor control technology locks away any incontinence odors, so you or your loved one can feel confident. Plus, a built-in wetness indicator means you never have to guess when it's time to change. 

Key Benefits
  • Skin stays dry and cool with an instant-dry system that pulls moisture away from delicate skin
  • Stop worrying about odor with odor control technology, which stops the scent of urine in its tracks
  • Get back to the activities you love! Cloth-like backing means you never have to worry about noise from your diaper, so no one but you needs to know you’re wearing it
  • Always know when it's time to change with the wetness indicator
  • Leg elastics provide a better fit and extra guards against leaks

Choosing the correct incontinence product size is not like choosing a clothing size. You’ll need to measure both waist and hip size, and then use the larger of the two numbers when referencing a sizing guide.

Waist/Hip 34-47" 40-50" 48-59" 60-64"
Color Gray Lavender Blue Beige
Pack Quantity 40 Diapers 40 Diapers 40 Diapers 15 Diapers
Case Quantity 80 Diapers (2 Packs) 80 Diapers (2 Packs) 80 Diapers (2 Packs) 60 Diapers (4 Packs)
SKU 67200 67201 67300 68010



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