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TENA Bathing Glove Wipes

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  • TENA Bathing Glove Wipes
  • TENA Bathing Glove Wipes
  • TENA Bathing Glove Wipes
  • TENA Bathing Glove Wipes
  • TENA Bathing Glove Wipes
  • TENA Bathing Glove Wipes
In Stock
65005-BG5 Item No:

TENA Bathing Glove Wipes are developed to better care for fragile skin, minimize cross-contamination, and provide a more convenient and efficient routine for both residents and caregivers. These TENA bathing wipes are perfect for those dealing with adult incontinence by keeping hands protected from any mess.

  • Pre-moistened with a gentle body wash formula
  • Eliminates the need for soap, water, basins or additional towels
  • Can be used as an alternative, or in addition, to regular baths and showers
  • May be warmed for a more soothing bathing experience
  • Available scented or scent free


  • Soft, cloth material
  • Mild cleansing formula with gentle ingredients
  • Can be warmed for an improved bathing experience
  • Helps minimize 

Helps minimize cross-contamination

  • Disposable, not re-used
  • Packed for individual use
  • No basins or reusable washcloths required
  • Two-sided glove design enables easy and hygienic cleansing of whole body

Less physically demanding for resident

  • Shortened duration needed for thorough wash
  • No need for additional rinsing
  • May benefit those who are afraid of water
Active Ingredients Water / PEG-8 / Dimethicone
Container Type Soft Pack
Dimensions 5.9 X 9 Inches
Material Nonwoven
Number Per Pack 5 Count
Sterility NonSterile



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