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Knock Knock. Who’s There? Humor Therapy

What did the mayonnaise say when someone opened the refrigerator door? Close that! I’m dressing. We’ve all heard the warnings about negative emotions: Stress can sap your immune system. Anger can lead to heart trouble. Depression can slow your recovery from illness. But how often do you hear the flip side of the story? Research... read more

2021 Family Caregiver of the Year Third place Winner: Robert W

Introducing The Family Caregiver of the Year Third Place Winner: Robert W.

As we continue to celebrate and honor the winners of The Family Caregiver of the Year Awards, we wanted to turn the spotlight to our third place winner, Robert W.  Robert (Bob) W., an HVAC maintenance technician, has been caring for his wife, Anne, for 18 years. After two catastrophic brain bleeds that left Anne... Read More

The Family Caregiver of the Year Winner: Patti H

Introducing The Family Caregiver of the Year Winner: Patti H

After a year of unprecedented demand on caregivers, we introduced the Family Caregiver of the Year Awards not only to uplift caregivers and amplify their stories, but to provide monetary rewards to a group that sacrifices their own well-being and finances to provide the best quality of life to their families.  We wanted to hear... Read More

All in the Family: Sibling Rivalry and Caregiving

I’m an only child, so I’ve always known that when my fiercely independent mother needs care, the responsibility will fall squarely on my shoulders. I view this fact as both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I will have no one to argue with about important decisions. My mom is incredibly detailed and... Read More

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