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The Family Caregiver of the Year Winner: Patti H

Introducing The Family Caregiver of the Year Winner: Patti H

After a year of unprecedented demand on caregivers, we introduced the Family Caregiver of the Year Awards not only to uplift caregivers and amplify their stories, but to provide monetary rewards to a group that sacrifices their own well-being and finances to provide the best quality of life to their families.  We wanted to hear... read more

All in the Family: Sibling Rivalry and Caregiving

I’m an only child, so I’ve always known that when my fiercely independent mother needs care, the responsibility will fall squarely on my shoulders. I view this fact as both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I will have no one to argue with about important decisions. My mom is incredibly detailed and... read more

Caregiver Stories: Beth

Although my father had battled a rare but non-metastasizing form of cancer for 25 years, my mother had never been sick a day in her life. The alarming news of her illness, that it was not arthritis but in fact Lou Gehrig’s disease with an accompanying Alzheimer’s-type dementia, came from out of a cruel nowhere... read more

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