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6 Products to Help With the Everyday Hurdles of Living With Parkinson’s Disease

If you or someone you love is living with Parkinson’s Disease, you know that the emotional side of coping with the diagnosis alone is a challenge. Still, there are very real physical obstacles one must face while they come around to the acceptance and understanding of what living with this disease means.

We know that a product — or in this case six products — won’t make the fact that you or someone you care about has Parkinson’s better. That being said, these items may be able to help make the day-to-day just a little easier.

Products That Can Help When Living With Parkinson’s Disease

  • ADL Hip and Knee Equipment Kit: This four-piece set was designed to assist with daily living needs. It includes items that can help a person with Parkison’s feel more independent when bathing, dressing, and trying to access things around the house. It includes one reacher, a contoured sponge with a 17-inch handle, a formed sock aid, and an 18-inch plastic shoehorn.
  • Body Aligner Wedge: This body aligner wedge is made from medical-grade polyurethane foam. It is designed to help caregivers position a person with Parkinson’s who is having trouble with overall mobility.
  • McKesson Bath Bench: If you’re living with Parkinson’s Disease, a bath bench can help those who are still somewhat mobile, bathe on their own or with minimal assistance. Don’t let this lightweight design fool you, it can support a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs.
  • Mediplanner Pill Organizer: Staying on top of medication and supplement dosage can seem like a job in itself when living with Parkison’s Disease! This pill organizer breaks the days into four times so that you can ensure you never miss a dose.
  • Drive Walker Cup Holder: If you or a loved one is using a walker to help with mobility, this attachable cup holder can make for the perfect functional accessory. Its easy-to-install clamp snaps on without a struggle. And it’s made to carry cups or cans for hands-free hydration on the go.
  • Fall Management Slipper Socks: Tiny stumbles can easily turn into a big problem when living with Parkinson’s Disease. The proper grip can help prevent those slips around the house. You can choose from Standard or Large sizes and four colors: Green, Orange, Yellow, and Red.

Check out more products that are designed to help address the issues you or a loved one who has Parkinson’s Disease might face. Have questions? Our customer service agents are always happy to help. Give us a call at 855-855-1666 and we’ll help you find the best products for your needs.

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