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“Ask Jonathan”: 3 Easy Ways to Stay Safe and Active When Stuck Inside

3 Easy Ways to Stay Safe and Active When Stuck Inside

Hi Jonathan, 

As you know, almost the entire country has been hit by a massive cold front. It’s getting to that point of the season where I’m totally ready for spring weather, but I want to make sure I’m staying safe and active from my home. How can I maintain this lifestyle from the confines of my house with my caretaking responsibilities? 

Thanks so much,

Hi Grace, 

This is such a timely question, since the majority of the country is hunkered down right now. While we’re all curled up in our homes, it’s important to find ways to stay safe and active. Here are a few easy tips to keep in mind next time the weather acts up: 

  1. Think Ahead: If you know a storm is coming, stock up with necessary items so you don’t have to worry about running out during a storm. This can include buying extra water and nonperishable food, refilling prescriptions early, and having an emergency kit including flashlights, radios, matches, a list of emergency numbers, and more. With your caregiving responsibilities, it’s a good idea to order all of your products well in advance to ensure there is no delay. For more specific questions related to Carewell shipping, you can always call a member of our Care team at 855-855-1666 to discuss your plan and make sure you have all necessary supplies. We’re always here to help and make sure you have everything you need. 
  2. Get Plenty of Vitamin D: Staying inside can also take a negative toll on our Vitamin D intake. With 40% of the population deficient in Vitamin D, be sure to stock up on food and drink that can keep your levels up while staying inside. A few options that are high in Vitamin D include salmon, yogurt, egg yolks, cow and soy milk, as well as fortified cereal. Vitamin D also helps regulate moods, which can be helpful for our mental health throughout the winter. 
  3. Move Your Body: Lastly, while we’re stuck at home, it’s important to keep your body moving. I know life can get busy with caregiving responsibilities amid everything else, but thankfully there are some easy exercises you can do next time you’re snowed in. 
    1. Sit-to-Stand Exercise: While sitting in a chair, stand up without using your hands. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and aim for three sets of 10 per day. This helps you maintain a strong core so you can continue helping lift yourself, as well as your loved one if needed. 
    2. Single-Leg Stand: Starting with your feet together and holding on to something else for balance if needed, lift one leg barely off the ground. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then switch to the other leg. Having good balance can help prevent falls, and is important for walking up and down stairs. 
    3. Wall Push-Ups: In front of a sturdy wall, stand as close as you need. With your hands directly in front of your shoulders on the wall, keep your body straight and lean in and away from the wall. Three sets of 10 will help improve your strength when providing care. 

These are a few simple tips to keep in mind next time another storm keeps you home. It’s important to be prepared with necessary supplies during bad weather, but it’s equally as important to stay active and keep moving when we’re stuck at home! 

Stay well and warm, 


Jonathan Magolnick is Carewell’s chief operating officer and co-founder. A Miami native, he currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his co-founder wife, Bianca. Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys spending time outdoors, eating BBQ, and hanging with his pup Henry.

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