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Family Caregiver of the Year Awards

Our Family Caregiver of the Year Awards Results are In!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our first-ever Family Caregiver of the Year Awards, which recognizes unpaid family caregivers in the United States who exhibit exceptional diligence and support through the act of caregiving.   Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations – your stories of selflessness, resilience, and dedication brought us to tears and... Read More

3 Easy Ways to Stay Safe and Active When Stuck Inside

“Ask Jonathan”: 3 Easy Ways to Stay Safe and Active When Stuck Inside

Hi Jonathan,  As you know, almost the entire country has been hit by a massive cold front. It’s getting to that point of the season where I’m totally ready for spring weather, but I want to make sure I’m staying safe and active from my home. How can I maintain this lifestyle from the confines... Read More

Best Adult Diapers for 2021

10 Best Adult Diapers for 2021. Detailed Review.

There are dozens of incontinence products on the market, but what are the best adult diapers? This is an important question, especially if you care for someone with bladder or bowel control issues.  Before we discuss which diapers are best, it’s important to have a basic understanding of incontinence products. The more you know about... read more

Traveling with Bowel Incontinence

Traveling with Bowel Incontinence

No question — traveling with bowel incontinence is inconvenient. Still, with the right preparation and packing strategies in place, you can cut down on a lot of unnecessary stress.  In today’s guide, we won’t shy away from the topics you need to know about. And yes, that means poop-urge plans of action and protective products!... Read More

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