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What is thick water?

What is Thick Water?

If you spend much time on Youtube or social media, you’ve probably heard of the thick water challenge, but what is thick water?  For the more than 13 million Americans who experience difficulty swallowing, thick water provides a safe and effective way to stay hydrated. By increasing the viscosity of thin liquids like tap water,... Read More

Making Family Caregiving Easier in 2021 — the Caring Village App

In this Q&A session with Caring Village co-founder, Ron Novak, you’ll discover the features of a caregiver app that’s been built with one sole purpose in mind: To make family caregiving easier.  Curious? Us too.  So, let’s waste no time and get straight into the questions we asked Ron… (And yes, that’s him — we... Read More

Good Hygiene Throughout the Winter

Ask Jonathan: “How Can I Maintain Good Hygiene Throughout the Winter?”

Hi Jonathan,  Now that we’ve kicked off the new year, it feels like spring is right around the corner. I get excited thinking about warm weather and seeing my family and friends again, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. What are some tips to maintain good hygiene throughout the rest of winter?... Read More

What are Food & Drink Thickeners

What are Food & Drink Thickeners?

If you care for a loved one with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), one question is probably top-of-mind: What are food and drink thickeners? What might seem like a lack of appetite or disinterest in eating could be due to pain or a sensitive gag reflex. Thickening agents can help make mealtimes pleasurable again while lowering the... read more

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