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6 Easy At-Home Exercises

6 Easy At-Home Exercises for 2021: Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

When you’re young and agile, it’s easy to climb stairs, play hopscotch, or ride a bike. Balance is something you rarely think about, because it comes naturally. We’ve put together 6 Easy At-Home Exercises to improve your balance and prevent falls. Unfortunately, that begins to change as you get older. After the age of 50, reflexes... Read More

Mature Couple Sitting on Park Bench

How to Choose the Best Incontinence Pads

Did you know that incontinence affects between 4% and 8% of the global population? We’ll help you choose the best incontinence pads. Thankfully, the design of incontinence pads has improved drastically over time. Not only are pads more absorbent than ever—they’re also more discreet. Why do many incontinence sufferers delay taking action, then? A survey... Read More

How to Talk to a Parent With Dementia: 14 Communication Strategies and Tips

What to Do If Dementia Symptoms Are Creating Barriers to Communication  There’s no denying it — communication is the centerpiece of relationships. How people bond and relate to one another all comes down to the ways in which they behave, speak, and listen. Whether your loved one is living with Alzheimer’s or another type of... Read More

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