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ZeniMedical ZeniFoam Gentle Border Heel Foam Dressing with Silicone Adhesive Border, 5 X 8" 





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  • Top Quality - ZeniFoam series dressings are made of a comfortable polyurethane foam which is non-linting and non-adherent to the wound bed. It keeps contaminants out and protects the wound against maceration. The foam is gentle on sensitive skin and highly absorbent of exudate.
  • Easy to Use - When it comes to wound care, ease-of-use is of the utmost importance. ZeniFoam dressings are highly conformable and can be cut to size. Upon application, the dressings can be repositioned and are easily changeable.
  • Options - ZeniFoam dressings are available with an optional silicone adhesive interface as well as a tape border.
  • Versatile - ZeniFoam dressings are highly configurable and have many indications for use making them incredibly versatile.
  • Indications for use of ZeniFoam dressings include pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, lacerations and abrasions, 1st and 2nd degree burns, surgical wounds, donor sites, and moderate-to-highly draining wounds.
  • ZeniFoam can be used as either a primary or secondary dressing.
  • DO NOT USE on 3rd degree burns or as an internal dressing or sponge.