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Wisp Tip-of-the-Nose Nasal CPAP Mask  



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Short Description

  • Respironics Wisp Tip-of-the-nose nasal mask with headgear and Fabric frame combines the performance of a nasal mask with the ease of a pillow mask.
  • Lightweight headgear designed for minimal facial contact without the need for forehead support--provides a clear line of vision for reading or watching TV before bed!
  • Grey, fabric frame is soft like a pillow and pliable, ideal for side sleeping and a restful sleep
  • Includes three interchangeable cushion sizes to help find optimum fit and seal
  • Easy to adjust fasteners for quick attachment or removal of headgear-- helpful for patients with decreased dexterity


Respironics Wisp Tip-of-the-Nose Nasal CPAP Mask’s sleek, hybrid cushion design combines both the performance and comfort of a nasal mask with the simplicity and ease of a pillow mask. The reversible, soft fabric frame allows you to choose between two types of fabric for the best comfort and feel. This fabric frame conforms to your face to follow movement when resting --pliable and ideal for side sleepers. Masks and headgear connect easily with clips and adjust for quick attachment or removal of headgear-- helpful for patients with decreased dexterity. The lightweight headgear is designed without the use of forehead support, providing minimal facial contact. This allows not only for a clear line of vision so you can enjoy reading or watching TV before bed, but also reduces the appearance of pressure points and strap marks in the morning. To find the best fit and seal, each mask pack comes with three interchangeable cushion sizes: ​​Petite / Small-Medium / Large. The Respironics Wisp mask connects to the CPAP main breathing tube by a swivel elbow and lightweight, flexible tubing. This elbow swivels 360 degrees, allowing for greater flexibility of the tube to minimize pulling and pressure on the face and therapy tubing. If desired, you can keep the short tube out of the way by securing the tube to the Wisp headgear crown loop. Customers love the soft, sleek design of the fabric mask, how well it all stays in place, and best of all, they enjoy a good night’s rest!

Key Benefits & Features

  • Soft, grey, reversible fabric frame conforms to your face, providing a comfortable and snug fit for a restful nights sleep
  • Quick-release tabs on the elbow of the hose easily detach the mask from the tubing making it easy to remove and reattach when up and down at night
  • Tip-of-the-nose cushion design sits below the bridge of the nose and forms an exceptional seal
  • Clear line of vision, so you can read or watch TV if that is a part of your nighttime routine.
  • Lightweight, minimal parts for easy cleaning
  • Easy to place mask on self and secure a seal, Respironic Wisp masks stay in place while resting

Who Should Be Using This Product?

  • Prefer the comfort of a soft, pliable fabric mask
  • Enjoy reading or watching TV before bed and need a clear visual field
  • Require manageable clasps due to dexterity issues
  • Get up and down at night and therefore need a mask they a keep on and just unclip from the hose
  • Use a CPAP/BiLevel machine

How Do You Use or Apply This Product?

Connecting your Wisp adapter to your sleep apnea machines is easy.

  • Before using, wash your face and handwash the entire mask with warm water and liquid detergent. Rinse thoroughly and let air dry completely. Wash non-fabric parts daily and fabric parts weekly. Inspect mask for any wear and tear. Replace parts if necessary.
  • Thread headgear side straps to the tops of the mask frame using fasteners. For cushion sizing, select the cushion that fits the width of your nose without blocking the nostrils. Pull the headgear over your head so that the cushion is over your nose.
  • Fasten headgear bottom straps to the mask frame. Make sure the fasteners are both parallel and flat across the back of your head. Mask should feel comfortable against the face. The headgear should be loose--not tight fitting. Red marks mean the mask is too tight.
  • Once the mask is in place, connect the Wisp elbow swivel and tubing to the front of the mask before connecting to your CPAP tubing. Turn your CPAP unit on and lie down. Turn side to side to see if any adjustments need to be made or any leaks identified which may interrupt sleep.
  • If the mask is tight, pull it away from your face and reset. Headgear straps can be re-adjusted to reduce any leaks noticed around your eyes.