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TENA Intimates Pull-Up Underwear, Overnight 

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Short Description

  • TENA Overnight Underwear is now 100% breathable to help protect your sensitive skin.
  • Specifically designed for overnight use, to help with lie-down protection.
  • Offering 15% more overall absorbency and 40% more absorbency in the back.
  • Protects against heavy bladder leakage while you sleep.
  • Size range accommodates waists between 32 inches and 66 inches.

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5.0 stars

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Tena Intimate Overnight Underwear is specifically designed for nighttime use, and is a great option for those who struggle with nighttime incontinence. This underwear is 100% breathable to help protect your sensitive skin. This particular product is 40% more absorbent in the back to offer extra lie-down protection. Feel comfortable sleeping and rest easy knowing that this underwear is suitable for heavy incontinence and bladder leakage while you sleep. Offers a quick-absorbing W shaped core to help protect against leakage and keep you feeling comfortable and dry. Our materials are soft and gentle on your skin, and this underwear is triple-layered to help protect leaks and lock in unpleasant odors.

Key Benefits

  • Designed for nighttime use, with 40% more absorbency in the back for lie-down protection.
  • 100% breathable helps to protect your sensitive skin against uncomfortable contact.
  • Fast absorbing W shaped core to quickly lock in wetness and unpleasant odors.
  • Triple protection to help protect against urine leaks, odor, and wetness.

Who Should Be Using This Product?

  • Individuals looking for an incontinence product that is fast-absorbing, offers maximum protection, and is specifically for nighttime use.

How Do You Use or Apply This Product?

  • Use as needed and dispose when used.
Absorbency Heavy Absorbency
Type Disposable
Style Incontinence Pad
User Adult