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Respironics CPAP Tubing, 6' 



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Short Description

  • Respironics CPAP 6 ft. tubing is compatible with most CPAP, APAP and BiPAP sleep therapy units for every manufacturer
  • Lighter and more flexible than standard CPAP tubing and preferred by CPAP users for the relief of the tugging, pulling, and tangling experienced with standard CPAP tubing
  • Standard, non heated hose works with smaller and lighter weight masks
  • Easier to grasp and remove ergonomically designed cuff from machine or mask


Respironics 6ft CPAP Tubing is more flexible than standard tubing and 20% lighter, making this ideal for CPAP machine-to-mask connections. The 22mm standard hose connectors fit most CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP sleep therapy units for every manufacturer and are preferred by CPAP users. Respironics CPAP tubing has a smoothbore design, which means there are no ridges on the inside of the hose to resist air pressure. An ergonomically designed cuff is easier to grasp and remove from the mask or machine and the lightweight hose design makes a great choice for lighter masks with seals that disrupt easily. Customers love the lightweight, flexibility, and hose length which allows turning from side to side without pulling the machine or dragging the mask -- a quality product at a great value.

Key Benefits & Features

  • 19mm diameter tubing with standard size 22mm cuffs, works well with most CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines.
  • More flexible and 20% lighter than standard tubing, making it easier to roll side to side while sleeping without disturbing mask connection and disrupting the seal
  • Smoothbore design means no interior ridges to resist air pressure.
  • Wire frame supports the inside of the hose allowing for a quieter, smooth airflow delivery

Who Should Be Using This Product?

Ideal for those looking to replace old or worn-out CPAP hoses and ensure essential sleep performance. Respironics durable CPAP 6 ft Tubing with universal 22mm standard cuff is compatible with most CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP sleep therapy machines that use a 22mm hose. This tubing is not compatible with machines requiring only a heated hose or 15mm hose.

How Do You Use or Apply This Product?

This CPAP tubing connects sleep masks to CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines to help with sleep performance. With universal fitting connectors on both ends, connect one end to the CPAP mask and the other end to the CPAP machine. The 6 ft, lightweight and flexible tubing allows for turning from side to side while sleeping, without pulling on the mask and therefore disturbing the seal. Clean weekly and check tubing for cracks or holes which might let the air escape and lower the air pressure.