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DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter 



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DR-HO'S Circulation promoter is designed to help improve circulation, reduce swelling, alleviate aching feet and legs, and relieve pain, tension and stiffness. It is powered by the pain therapy system and combines TENS, EMS, and massage therapy to alleviate aching feet and increase blood circulation.

  • Includes: Four small massage pads, two large massage pads, circulation promoting foot massage pads, travel bag, instructional DVD and manual.
  • Precautions: Please consult instructional manual for complete warnings and instructions before using this device, it should not be used by patients with conditions like pacemakers/defibrillators/extreme cardiac irregularities, metal implants or electronic auxiliary devices, abnormal high blood pressure, a tendency toward internal bleeding, epilepsy, pregnant women, any questions or concerns, please ask doctor before use.