Compleat Pediatric Peptide 1.5 Ready to Use/Tube Feeding Formula, Unflavored



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Our Story

“Family is at the heart of what we do”

CEO Bianca and COO Jonathan pictured standing with grandmother and family dog.

Our story began in 2015, when our co-founder and CEO Bianca helped her mom care for her grandmother.

Bianca was shocked there was no “What to Expect” guide like there is for new parents, so she and her husband/co-founder Jonathan dedicated their lives to creating a solution for family caregivers just like you.


  • Compleat Pediatric Peptide 1.5 Cal formula provides approximately 1.5 cup equivalents of fruit and vegetable ingredients per 1000 mL
  • Compleat Pediatric Peptide 1.5 Cal formula is a 1.5 kcal/mL peptide-based, calorically dense nutritionally complete tube feeding formula
  • It includes a blend of ingredients from real foods such as tomatoes, peaches, green beans, cranberry juice concentrate, and carrots, in addition to hydrolyzed plant-based protein and MCT oil to support formula tolerance
  • Nutritionally complete formula for tube feeding or can be consumed orally
  • Not for parentarel use; This product is intended for use under medical supervision
  • Flows easily for pump-assisted or gravity feeding