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Carex Lumin CPAP UV Sanitizer 



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The Lumin Multi-Purpose UV Sanitizer is the easiest and fastest way to disinfect household items, CPAP masks and accessories as well as decontaminate N95 and general use face masks without water, chemicals or harmful ozone. The Lumin’s hospital-strength germicidal UV-C light source completes a disinfection cycle in just 5 minutes with a 99.9% kill rate of most bacteria and viruses, including Human Coronavirus. UV-C light is considered to be the safest disinfection option on the market, as Ozone used in other systems has been shown by the EPA to cause irritation of the lungs and respiratory system at relatively low amounts. The Lumin Multi-Purpose UV Sanitizer is the ideal maintenance-free accessory for anyone concerned about health and hygiene.

  • Originally developed out of the need for a product that would not damage the CPAP device itself during disinfection and had zero risk of exposing a respiratory patient to a lung irritant. (no harmful Ozone)
  • Quick five-minute disinfection cycle time.
  • Hospital-grade germicidal UV light kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus including Human Coronavirus.
  • Safe and easy to use; simple one-button operation.
  • Comes complete with Lumin UV Sanitizer Device, user manual and sample CPAP mask wipes.
  • Can also be used as a general-purpose disinfecting system for N95 and general use face masks, hearing aids, dentures, pacifiers and even toothbrushes, anything that can be placed in the drawer of the system
  • Lumin is lab tested to kill over 99.9% Human Coronavirus on an N95 respirator.