Cardinal Health Curity Cover Sponge, Sterile, 4 X 4" 

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Short Description

  • Cardinal Health Curity all purpose cover sponges filled with a layer of cellulose wadding covered with non-woven fabric
  • These sterile, 4 X 4” cover sponges are not made with natural rubber latex
  • All-purpose sponge with good absorbency, compatible with topical creams
  • Box of 25 Packs, 2 per Pack, Total of 50
  • Curity cover sponges are flexible, with adhesive borders

About Cardinal Health:

Cardinal Health all purpose Curity cover sponges are filled with cellulose-wadding covered with nonwoven fabric. Excellent absorbent capacity, these cover sponges help soak up excess blood and bodily fluids, making removing and changing wound dressings less painful. Cover Sponges are helpful to protect the injury from potentially harmful bacteria. Flexible and with adhesive borders makes conforming well to the wound easier. Curity Cover Sponges are available in a variety of sizes, both sterile and nonsterile sponges and are compatible with topical creams. Covidien wound care products represent over a century of quality and innovation trusted by health care professionals around the world. Not made with natural rubber later, but they are made in the USA.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Curity cover sponges are flexible, with adhesive borders, making it easy to conform well to the wound.
  • Filled with layer of cellulose wadding and covered with non-woven fabric.
  • All-purpose sponge with good absorbency and compatible with topical creams.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Sterile 2s in peel-back package, which come in a box of 25 Packs – per Pack for a total of 50
  • Made in the USA

Who Should Use A Cover Sponge?

Individuals with deep wounds like leg ulcers or pressure ulcers may benefit from the use of cover sponges, which protect the injury from potentially harmful bacteria. This sterile sponge also soaks up excess blood and bodily fluids, which makes removing and changing the dressings less painful. For best practice, consult your healthcare provider.

Gauze sponges are essential supplies for any medical and/or First Aid kit. For wound care, gauze is used for:

  • Cleansing
  • Packing
  • Scrubbing
  • Covering
  • And securing a variety of wounds.

Purchase Medical Tape here to secure wound dressing.

How do you use a Gauze Sponge?

  • Before touching a dressing or wound, wash your hands and put on disposable, non-latex gloves.
  • Next, check your sponge and make sure the pad covers beyond the edge of the wound.
  • Then hold the pad by the edges and place it directly on top of the wound.
    • Be careful to never touch the part of the pad that will be in contact with the wound.
  • Finally, secure the pad with adhesive tape or a roller bandage.
    • Note: Never wrap tape all the way around the injured part as this could reduce the blood flow. If you need to maintain pressure to control bleeding, use a roller bandage.
    • If you have no pad or gauze available, you can use a clean, non-fluffy material such as a cloth.

Cleaning and changing wound dressings at regular intervals can speed up your loved one’s healing process and ensure they remain healthy.

Brand Cardinal Health
Product Curity Sponge
Calories per Serving 360 Calories
Dimensions 4 x 4"