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Beck's Classic Reusable Underpad, Moderate Absorbency

  • Beck's Classic Reusable Underpad, Moderate Absorbency, 7136HB, 34 X 36 Inch - Case of 24
  • Beck's Classic Reusable Underpad, Moderate Absorbency, 7136HB, 34 X 36 Inch - Pack of 12
  • Beck's Classic Reusable Underpad, Moderate Absorbency, 7136HB, 34 X 36 Inch - 1 Each
  • Beck's Classic Reusable Underpad, Moderate Absorbency protect your furniture from incontinence, and keep your loved ones dry
  • 34 x 36 inch size covers wheelchairs, couches, and can even protect mattresses
  • Conveniently wash after each use
  • Absorbent top layer locks in moisture, while waterproof backing keeps furniture dry

Beck's Classic Reusable Underpad, Moderate Absorbency By Beck's Classics

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Protect your furniture and keep things clean with Beck’s Classic Reusable Underpads! Easily placed on wheelchairs, car seats, and even mattresses, these underpads have a soft topsheet and a fluff core that absorbs moisture. Moisture passes through the soft topsheet and is locked away in the fluff absorbent core - the vinyl waterproof backing prevents liquid from leaking through, keeping your furniture dry. Simply toss the soiled underpad into the washing machine and use it as many times as you need!

Key Benefits

  • Vinyl backing provides a waterproof barrier to lock liquid inside 
  • Convenient, washable material can be used again and again, saving caregivers time
  • Ultra-soft cotton topsheet feels gentle against skin, keeping your loved ones comfortable
  • Sturdy material holds strong after multiple washes
  • 80/20 cotton/polyester
  • Quilted to a blended poly/rayon soaker
  • Knitted vinyl barrier

Who Should Use These

Beck’s Classic Reusable Underpads, Moderate are ideal choice for:

  • Bedridden loved ones with light to moderate incontinence. Best used for loved ones that are already wearing a pull-up, tab-style brief, or bladder pad
  • For loved ones with very heavy incontinence, reusable underpads can be placed underneath disposable options for an added layer of protection
  • Environmentally-focused caregivers looking to reduce their washing machine uses
  • Those tending to wounds or changing enteral feeding tubes
  • Those looking to protect furniture while changing a loved one's adult diapers with tabs.
Manufacturer Beck's Classic
Absorbency Moderate Absorbency
Absorbent Core Material Polyester / Rayon
Application Underpad
Backsheet Color Blue Backsheet
Backsheet Material Vinyl Backing
Dimensions 34 X 36 Inch
Topsheet Material Quilted Cotton / Polyester Topsheet
Usage Reusable

How to Wash a Reusable Underpad

  • Once the underpad is used, you’ll want to make sure you wash it thoroughly, following the steps below
  • Machine wash the underpad alone, or with other reusable underpads (never with other clothes)
  • Ensure the washing machine is only at 85% capacity or less when washing bed pads
  • Avoid fabric softeners as these can compromise absorbency
  • The heavier the underpad, the longer the drying time. For these absorbent pads, expect them to take a little longer than typical clothing to dry
  • Remove the underpad from the dryer within five minutes of when the cycle is complete

What’s the difference between a disposable underpad and a reusable underpad?

Disposable underpads and reusable underpads are both excellent choices for those looking to protect their furniture from incontinence and other moisture. The biggest difference between these two products is that disposable underpads are single-use, while reusable can be washed and used again and again. Reusable underpads tend to be less absorbent than disposable underpads as well.

Will a reusable underpad be highly absorbent?

Reusable underpads tend to be less absorbent than disposable underpads. Many caregivers prefer to place a reusable underpad beneath a disposable option for additional protection.

Can I fold reusable underpads?

It is not recommended to fold reusable underpads. The top side of reusable underpads is absorbent, and the bottom is waterproof - if you were to fold an underpad so that these sides were not placed appropriately, you or your loved one would experience leaks.

Can I cut reusable underpads into smaller pieces?

It is not recommended to cut reusable underpads. Since reusable underpads have fluff in their core, cutting them apart would cause that fluff to spill out (and the underpads would no longer be absorbent).

For more information on reusable underpads, check out our reusable underpads guide.



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