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Abena Abri-Form Premium Adult Diapers with Tabs, M4 

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Short Description

  • The Abena M4 is the brand’s heaviest absorbency and ideal for men and women with heavy incontinence
  • The Abena M4’s capacity is 15.2 cups for maximum absorbency
  • Dermatologist-proven to be skin-healthy
  • Odor Guard eliminates odor in urine
  • Refastenable straps and flexible side panels ensure the perfect fit for both comfort and protection
  • Wetness indicator with graduation scale for better indication of the Abena M4’s capacity use

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4.5 stars

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About Abena M4 Diapers

Protect your loved ones against heavy incontinence with the Abena M4 Abri-Form Diapers with Tabs. The Abena M4 is the most absorbent adult diaper on the market. Each tab-style diaper can hold up to 15 cups of liquid before requiring a change and they are Dermatologically-tested to ensure comfort in between changes. These disposable briefs feature a breathable design that leaves skin cool and healthy. They also feature flexible side panels with double tabs so that you can refasten and adjust the fit as many times as you need.

Abena M4 Diapers Abri-Form Key Benefits:

  • TopDry Acquisition Layer locks liquid in the core almost as soon as it happens, leaving the top feeling dry against your skin
  • Breathable, clothlike backsheet is discreet, comfortable, and lets skin breathe
  • Odor Guard eliminates odor in urine, so your loved one will smell fresh
  • Leg barriers provide extra protection, trapping incontinence inside the brief
  • Wetness indicator makes it easy to see when it’s time to change your loved one
  • Ultra-flexible side panels allow you to pull the tab until it fits just right
  • Refastenable micro-hook closure tabs offer a secure fit that you can remove and refasten as many times as you need to get the ideal fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should consider using the Abena Abri-Form M4 Diapers?

Abena Abri-Form Premium Diapers with Tabs are ideal for customers with heavy to overnight incontinence needs. These are best used for caregivers caring for someone else, and are ideal for very heavy, overnight, or bowel incontinence. One of our most absorbent products, these are a great solution for customers who have tried almost everything and are still experiencing leaks - just be sure to use the correct size for your needs as incorrect sizing is the leading cause of leaks! The Abena M4 is ideal for individuals who have a waist size between 28 and 44 inches.

What is the Abena M4’s capacity?

121.7 fl ounces (15.2 cups). There are four levels of absorbency (1,2,3,4, with 4 being the most absorbent). The higher the level the more absorbent polymers in the lining and larger the front and rear protection zones.

How do I use the Abena M4?

The Abena M4 is typically used by a caregiver when their loved one is immobole and experiencing heavy incontinence issues. There are a few ways to put a tab-style product on a loved one, and the easiest way tends to be while they’re lying in bed. Start by rolling your loved one onto their side. Fold the product lengthwise (like a “hotdog”), and slide it between their legs, being sure that the tabbed side stays in the back. Fan the backside out across their behind, then gently roll them back over onto it. Afterward, pull the front panel up over their belly and fasten the tabs snugly. If the product is the right size, there will be no gaps around the leg holes, and the core will be resting snugly against the body (not hanging too low).

How do I find the right size of Abena diapers?

The best way to find the right size of Abena diapers is to measure both your waist and hip sizes, in inches. Choose the larger of the two when referencing the inch sizes listed here. A great fitting product will have the tabs resting at the hips or a little bit closer to the core of the body (not in the center of the belly, which would be too large, or on the sides of the body which would be too small), and the absorbent core will rest against the groin.

What does M4 mean?

Abena’s products use a naming structure that starts with the size of the product (S for Small, M for Medium, L for Large, XL for Extra Large), and ends with the level of absorbency (1,2,3,4, with 4 being the most absorbent). An Abena M4 would be a size medium (“M”) level 4, which is Abena’s highest absorbency product.

How often should I change this product?

This overnight pull-up is designed for extending use, and can be worn for up to 12 hours for heavy sleepers. Please note that how often a loved one needs to be changed really depends on how often they’re voiding, and regular changes are important to protect skin health and ensure maximum comfort. Each product comes with a wetness indicator that changes colors, alerting you that your loved one needs to be changed. Additionally, tab-style products should always be changed immediately if a bowel movement occurs.

Visit our adult diapers guide page to learn even more!

Absorbency Heavy Absorbency
Backing Material Cloth-Like Backing
Color White
Incontinence Type Urine and Bowel
Amount of tabs Four
Latex-free indicator Not made with natural rubber latex
Fastening Type Refastenable Tabs
Gender Unisex
Leg Style Elastic Gathers
Style Tab Closure
Topsheet Material NonWoven Topsheet
Type Contoured
Usage Disposable
User Adult