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Abbott Nutrition RCF Soy Infant Formula, Ready to Use, 13 oz. 





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Abbott Nutrition RCF® Concentrated Liquid Institutional 384mL Can, No Added Carbohydrate Soy Infant Formula Base with Iron

RCF® is intended for persons who are unable to tolerate the type or amount of carbohydrate in milk or infant formulas. Use under medical supervision.

  • The only commercial infant formula available for seizure management in infants.
  • Formulated to allow physician to prescribe type and amount of carbohydrate (that can be tolerated) with the assurance that other nutrient needs will be met.
  • Soy protein isolate to avoid symptoms of cow's-milk-protein allergy or sensitivity.
  • L-carnitine (3mg/100mL) and taurine (12mg/100mL).