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A&D Medical UltraConnect Deluxe Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor 



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Short Description

  • A&D UltraConnect Deluxe blood pressure monitor easily stores up to 100 readings on the device, with more storage available on the app
  • Correct fit and movement sensors ensure proper cuff positioning for accurate reading– Sleek design fits easily on wrist/arm
  • UltraConnect’s bright OLED display illuminates measurement results
  • Compatible with both iOS and a wide range of Android devices
  • Blood pressure monitor includes quick start card, instruction manual, and charging cable

About A&D Medical UltraConnect Deluxe Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor:

A&D Medical’s ultraconnect deluxe bluetooth blood pressure monitor is optimal for storing blood pressure results and tracking progress of those blood pressure readings. This portable unit’s sleek design fits easily on the wrist and arm. A bright OLED display illuminates results which can be sent wirelessly to your health provider. Up to 6 users (5 accounts + 1 visitor) can use this device with storing ability of about 100 readings on the device itself and endless storage available on the app. This all in one device is designed with engaging user friendly features such as graphing, trending, reminders, and goal setting. Correct fit & movement sensors ensure proper cuff positioning for accurate reading. This device can also detect an irregular heartbeat.

Key Features and Benefits

  • A sleek/tubeless design that slips easily on the wrist/arm.
  • Light-weight, compact design allows users to effortlessly transport the device wherever they go, ensuring both consistent tracking and sharing of blood pressure readings.
  • Smart connect feature which allows the company's connect app to automatically detect and connect to the monitor for unparalleled ease of use.
  • An offline, stand-alone operation, allowing for the subsequent transfer of up to hundred readings to the connect app at a later time
  • Multi-user support functionality for five users plus a guest.
  • Robust compatibility with both iOS and a wide range of android devices.

Who Should Be Using This Product?

As more health visits go viral, taking blood pressure at home becomes necessary. Testing at home reduces the effects of outside influences on blood pressure readings and supplements doctor readings for complete blood pressure history. Whether you track your readings per your healthcare provider’s recommendations to see if your medication is working, or if you just monitor for your own records, some individuals who may benefit using a blood pressure monitor at home are:

  • individuals taking high blood pressure medication
  • Patients with other pre-existing conditions such as kidney disease or type 2 diabetes
  • People who have borderline or hight readings during doctor visits
  • Pregnant women developing hypertension due to pregnancy

How Do You Use or Apply This Product?

Please refer to the instruction manual for precautions and additional information. See best practice tips below for taking blood pressure readings.

For the In-App mode measurement:

  • Ensure mobile device Bluetooth function is ON.
  • Open the Connect A&D app. The monitor presence will automatically be detected by the app.
  • Press the“Take Measurement” button and then the “Start” button from the app screen.
  • The C.P.G indicator will briefly display correct wrist position.
  • Cuff will start to inflate. The app displays pressure once inflation starts.
  • Results are displayed on the monitor when measurement is complete.

Please note per manual precautions: Wireless communication devices, such as home networking devices, mobile phones, cordless phones and their base stations, walkie-talkies can affect this blood pressure monitor. Therefore, a minimum distance of 1 meter/3.2 feet should be kept from such devices.

For best practice taking blood pressure readings:

  • Take readings during the same time each day– Levels are generally lower in the morning
  • Don’t exercise, smoke, or drink caffeine for about an hour before taking a reading
  • Rest for 5 - 10 minutes before taking a reading and keep still
  • Sit comfortably with your back straight, legs uncrossed, and feet flat
  • Rest your arm on a table and keep blood pressure cuff at heart level
  • Further tips provided in manual
Brand A&D Medical
Product A&D Medical UltraConnect Deluxe Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor
Color Black
User Unisex
Connectivity Bluetooth
App Compatibility Apple and Android
Monitor Dimensions 5"x1.7"x1"
Cuff Size 8.6"-16.5"