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Prevail Per-Fit Briefs with Tabs, Maximum Plus

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Experience superior dryness and superior comfort with Prevail Per-Fit Briefs. WIth a design unlike any other brief, these pull-ups knock it out of the park. Part cotton fibers that lock in moisture and part synthetic fibers that keep your skin feeling dry, these ultra-absorbent pull-ups will leave you feeling clean and fresh. Plus, with 85% more elastic strands than other leading brands, they’re as stretchy and comfortable as they are absorbent. Caring for a loved one? The refastenable side straps make it easy to adjust and readjust, so you can get the exact right fit every time. The Easy-Lock Fasteners grip the diaper for hours and hours, without ever feeling sticky. 

Key Benefits
  • Enjoy silence and discretion with a cloth-backing that’ll never crinkle
  • Refastenable tabs can be removed and stuck on again as many times as you need, so you can get the perfect fit
  • Two tabs on each side instead of one makes it easy to get a secure, lasting fit
  • Breathable Zones on either side keep you or your loved ones ventilated and cool

Choosing the correct incontinence product size is not like choosing a clothing size. You’ll need to measure both waist and hip size, and then use the larger of the two numbers when referencing a sizing guide.

SizeSize 1 (Medium)Size 2 (Large)Size 3 (X-Large)
Waist/Hip 32-44" 45-58" 59-64"
Absorbency Capacity 12.6 fl oz (1.5 cups) 12.6 fl oz (1.5 cups) 12.6 fl oz (1.5 cups)
Color White Blue Beige
Pack Quantity 16 Diapers 18 Diapers 15 Diapers
Case Quantity 96 Diapers (6 Packs) 72 Diapers (4 Packs) 60 Diapers (4 Packs)
SKU PF-012 PF-013 PF-014



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