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Molicare Mobile Pull-Up Underwear, Extra

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  • Molicare Mobile Pull-Up Underwear, Extra
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Molicare Mobile Pull-Up Underwear in Extra are a highly absorbent, skin-friendly pull up style diaper for heavy incontinence. These come in 2 sizes ranging from Small to Medium. They’re also made in a tab style diaper, see Molicare Premium Slip Diapers with Tabs in Super Plus.

NOTE: The largest size made in pull-up underwear is 2XL (250 lbs). For sizes 3XL and larger, try Bariatric Adult Diaper with Tabs.

The Molicare Mobile Pull-Up Underwear in Extra will fit waist sizes from 24 to 47 inches, depending on the size you choose. This product is designed for heavy incontinence. For reference, the average adult releases 8-12 fl ounces (1-1½ cups) when they “go”.

The Molicare Mobile Pull-Up Underwear in Extra look and feel like normal underwear and offer the highest level of leakage protection. The three way protection system gives MoliCare Mobile extra-strong leakage protection. The unique DryPlus non-woven layer locks liquid away rapidly to keep the skin comfortably dry. The super absorbent materials in the core guarantee fast fluid absorption and the soft, water repellent inner cuffs offer additional leakage protection at the sides. Some other features include easy tear sides for removal, a wetness indicator and a contoured fit to avoid bulge.



  • Proprietary curly fiber reduces pH to the skin-friendly range of 4.5 to 5.5
  • Cloth-like elasticized waistband, which is breathable, comfortable and helps keep skin dry
  • Inner cuff system helps maximize leakage protection
  • Super absorbent polymer reduces ammonia formation and neutralizes unpleasant odor
  • Graduated wetness indicator
  • 3-layer absorbent core guides fluids quickly into its center locking both urine and odor safely inside
  • Can be ripped open at the sides for easy removal and disposal
  • Wetness indicator identifies when the product needs to be changed
  • Slim, contoured shape provides an ideal fit with no slippage or bulge
Waist/Hip 24-35” 31-47"
Color White White
Pack Quantity 14 Underwear 14 Underwear
Case Quantity 56 Underwear (4 Packs) 56 Underwear (4 Packs)
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