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Dale Hold-n-Place Foley Catheter Holder, Leg Band

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  • Dale Hold-n-Place Foley Catheter Holder, Leg Band
  • Dale Hold-n-Place Foley Catheter Holder, Leg Band

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316-EA1 Item No:
  • Made entirely of soft stretch material, distributes compression evenly around the thigh to minimize circumferential pressure.
  • Designed for long-term catheterization.
  • Fits most adults and children without sliding up and down the leg
  • All Types of Foley Catheters, Including New Generation of Silicone and "Teflon" Coated
For Use With Fits Up to 30 Inch Legbands
Specifications 2 Inch Wide, Exclusive Stretch Material, Velcro® Fastener

Leg Band Application

  1. Position leg band high around patient’s thigh with Dale product label pointing to inside of leg. Stretch leg band in place and fasten hook tab. Proper compression has been achieved when two fingers fit snugly under the band.
  2. Place Foley catheter over white stitching of green tab. Leave an ample loop in catheter above leg band to avoid bladder traction; or stretch catheter for traction when required.
  3. With catheter in desired position, insert the narrow green tab over catheter and through the square opening so the green tab overlaps.
  4. Lock catheter in position by pulling green tabs in opposite directions. Secure tabs in place. To reposition catheter: raise either green tab, adjust catheter, and refasten tab.
  5. Another method of securement is to locate the Y port of the proximal end of the catheter into the locking device.

Waist Band Application

  1. To secure the catheter in place, position the waist band around the abdomen, above the wound site. No shaving necessary. The green catheter locking tab should be centered over the drain site. After the band has been positioned, press locking tab onto the waist band.
  2. Place catheter over white stitching of green tab.
  3. Repeat steps 3, 4, & 5 above. 



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