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Cuties Premium Baby Diapers

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Cuties Baby Diapers are tab-style diapers for moderate incontinence. These come in 8 sizes ranging from Newborn to Size 7.

NOTE: For additional diapers in baby and youth sizes see Baby & Youth Diapers.

The Cuties Baby Diapers will fit 10 lbs to 41+ lbs, depending on the size you choose.

Soft outer cover. Clean white design with a wetness indicator (on sizes Newborn, 1, 2, and 3) turns from yellow to blue when wet so you’ll know when it’s time for a change. Size Newborn has an exclusive umbilical cord notch for baby sensitive areas. Soft stretchable side panels that are Comfees and snug providing a great fit. Enhanced leakage protection with up to 12 hours of protection.



  • Soft stretchable waist and side panels
  • Hypoallergenic inner liner with aloe, natural botanicals, and Vitamin E
  • Cloth-like outer fabric
  • Ultra absorbent core
  • Adjustable grip tabs
  • Breathable zones
  • Inner leg cuffs
SizeNewbornSize 1Size 2Size 3Size 4Size 5Size 6Size 7
Weight in Pounds Up to 10 lbs 8-14 lbs 12-18 lbs 16-28 lbs 22-37 lbs Over 27 lbs Over 35 lbs Over 41 lbs
Pack Quantity 42 Diapers 50 Diapers 42 Diapers 36 Diapers 31 Diapers 27 Diapers 23 Diapers 20 Diapers
Case Quantity 168 Diapers (4 Packs) 200 Diapers (4 Packs) 168 Diapers (4 Packs) 144 Diapers (4 Packs) 124 Diapers (4 Packs) 108 Diapers (4 Packs) 92 Diapers (4 Packs) 80 Diapers (4 Packs)
SKU CR0001 CR1001 CR2001 CR3001 CR4001 CR5001 CR6001 CRD701



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