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Covidien Sure Care Protective Pull-Up Underwear, Plus

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Help protect yourself or your loved one against heavy incontinence with Covidien Sure Care Protective Pull-Up Underwear.  Featuring a super absorbent core that quickly locks away fluids, these diapers will keep you dry and confident. Not to mention, quick absorption means less chance of odors, so you can feel and smell fresh. A soft, cloth-like backing keeps the pull-up from crinkling, so no one will ever hear that you’re wearing a pull-up. They’re great for traveling, lounging around the house, even shopping -- enjoy both discretion and high absorbency, even against some bowel accidents.

Keep in mind that Covidien Sure Care Protective Pull-Up Underwear comes in four different absorbencies. Ranked from least to most absorbent, they are Extra, Plus, Ultra, and Super (the highest absorbency). That means that these pull-ups are the second most absorbent option.

Key Benefits

  • Forget about odors with a super absorbent core that turns liquid into gel
  • No one but you will know you’re wearing a pull-up with the silent cloth-backing
  • Easily remove pull-ups with tear-away side seams
  • Leg gathers provide extra security against leaks

Choosing the correct incontinence product size is not like choosing a clothing size. You’ll need to measure both waist and hip size, and then use the larger of the two numbers when referencing a sizing guide.

Waist/Hip in Inches 34-46" 44-54" 48-66” 60-80”
Pack Quantity 20 or 25 Underwear 18 or 25 Underwear 14 or 25 Underwear 12 Underwear
Case Quantity 80 or 100 Underwear 72 or 100 Underwear 56 or 100 Underwear 48 Underwear
SKU 1605 1615 1625 1630



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