Hand Soap and Sanitizers

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About Hand Soap and Sanitizers

Keep your hands clean and soft with our selection of hand soap and sanitizers! Caring for someone with incontinence can leave you feeling messy, but our products are specially designed to kill bacteria and keep you clean and fresh. Use our products after changing a loved one’s incontinence product to instantly kill any bacteria on skin.

But our hand soaps and sanitizers aren’t just for incontinence. We offer everyday solutions to keep your hands soft and clean. With ingredients like aloe and vitamin E, our products aren’t just focused on killing bacteria. We want to make sure your skin is healthy and never dry, so we always carry products that focus on your skin health.

Should I use hand soap or sanitizers?

Both products are perfect for killing the bacteria on your hands, but they work best for different situations. Hand soaps require water, and work best for situations where you need to rinse something off the skin. Better for heavy-duty cleaning, hand soaps require both scrubbing and rinsing.

On the other hand, sanitizers are effective at killing bacteria but don’t work as well for washing things off of your hands. Sanitizers are, however, a rinse-free solution for convenient cleansing. Keep sanitizer wherever you change your loved one, on your work desk, or anywhere and always have convenient access to clean hands.

I’m tired of buying tiny bottles of hand soap over and over again

Sick of purchasing hand soap? Our large, refilling jugs offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. Buy large jugs of soap and refill your soap containers instead of running to the store again and again! Large soap jugs are also ideal for refilling decorative soap dispensers. We even offer large dispensing bags perfect for restrooms, kitchens, and healthcare facilities, reducing waste and keeping the earth green!