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About Respiratory Care

Managing asthma is often a delicate balance of lifestyle choices and medication. Along with your inhaler and other asthma medications, your doctor has likely recommended or prescribed nebulizer treatments. Luckily, modern nebulizers offer a convenient solution for your asthma concerns, wherever you are.

How do I use a nebulizer system?

A nebulizer system is a multi-part device that offers convenient, quick relief from discomfort caused by asthma. Nebulizer systems typically require: a medicine cup, a cap, the mouthpiece or mask, connecting tubes, and the compressor. To use your nebulizer system just follow the following steps:

  1. Pour the medicine into the medicine cup

  2. Attach the top piece and then the mouthpiece or mask

  3. Connect the tube to the mask on one side and the compressor on the other

  4. Put the mask over your face and switch the compressor on

  5. Take normal, regularly paced breaths

Should I use a mask or mouthpiece?

Whether you prefer a mask or mouthpiece is entirely up to you or your loved one. They each have their own advantages, so make sure you figure out what works best for you.

A mouthpiece works best for users that struggle to find a well-fitting mask, like an older adult or some children. If you don’t have a well-fitted mask, some medication can get to the eyes, and a mouthpiece eliminates that risk entirely. A mouthpiece is also ideal for anyone who needs to concentrate on breathing, as it forces you to focus a little more.

Masks are the preferred nebulizer tool by many because they’re convenient and simple. Free up your hands so you can read, text, write, or almost anything else while receiving treatment! Kids love masks because they can play with toys, watch TV, or use technology while undergoing treatment.

How can I manage my asthma symptoms?

The key to managing symptoms is to knowing what your triggers are. Many people struggle with dust and allergens, like pet dander, so be sure to stock up on cleaning supplies like all-purpose cleaners, and towels and washcloths, so your home stays allergen-free! Mattress protectors and hand soap can provide an extra layer of protection, so you and your loved ones can breathe easy.