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About Ostomy Supplies

Live with colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy as comfortably as possible with our curated selection of ostomy supplies. High-quality and discreet, our ostomy supplies allow you to enjoy your life, without worrying about your stoma.

What is an ostomy pouch?

An ostomy is a surgery that redirects waste (urine or stool) through a surgically created opening, called a stoma, in the body. Pouch systems surround the stoma to collect the waste. Typically, a pouch will attach to the abdomen and fit snugly over the stoma. Note that there are separate pouches specifically for urostomy.

What kinds of pouches are there?

There are two kinds of ostomy pouches:

  1. Open-ended pouches have an end that you can pop open to drain the contents. These are reusable so though they’re more expensive, they last longer
  2. Closed pouches are sealed at the end and are thrown away once full. Since they’re disposable, they provide a clean, convenient solution for all your ostomy needs.

Which pouch system you should choose depends on your unique needs.What's life like with an ostomy pouch?

The good news is that life with an ostomy pouch is almost exactly like life without one. Modern ostomy pouches are slim and discreet, and most people won’t even notice you have one. Ostomy does cause a change in the way urine or stool exits the body, so the trickiest part will be adjusting to a new bathroom process. Instead of runs to the restroom, you’ll need to build in time to empty your pouch (or throw it away and replace it with a new one, if you’ve chosen disposable pouches).

Most of your life and activities will remain exactly the same. Once you’ve recovered from surgery, you can even return to work, though you may want to inform any employers about the pouch for practical reasons. Showering and bathing are almost exactly the same. Whether or not you leave on the pouch while bathing is up to you, but if you take it off, just be sure to choose bathing times when the bowel is less active. Even your diet will likely remain the same, though you may want to avoid some less digestible foods like nuts, raw vegetables, and corn.

I have more questions

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