Diabetic Supplies

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About Diabetic Supplies

For those with diabetes, managing symptoms is vital. Diabetes puts organs like your heart, eyes, kidneys, and nerves at risk, so keeping your diabetes in check is a must. Even if you aren’t experiencing diabetes symptoms, your blood vessels and organs could still be at risk. Enjoy peace of mind and lower your risk of damage by monitoring your blood sugar levels.

How do I check blood glucose level?

Keeping track of your blood glucose level is important not just for managing your diabetes, but also for keeping a record so your doctor can make sure you’re receiving the best possible treatment. Luckily, our blood glucose testing systems are convenient and accurate, so you can manage diabetes from the comfort of your home.

There are three key things you’ll need to test your blood glucose level: lancets, test strips, and a blood glucose meter. To test your or a loved one’s blood glucose level, just prick a finger with the lancet, smear the blood onto a test strip, and insert the strip into the meter. In seconds, you’ll have an accurate blood glucose level.

Stay stocked up an all your diabetic supply needs with our strips, lancets, prep pads, and monitors, so you never have to worry about glucose levels being too high or too low. Don’t want to purchase diabetic supplies separately? Our glucose monitoring kits have everything you need to check your levels.

What are compression socks?

Compression socks allow you to reduce swelling, relieve aches, and circulate blood flow. Support your feet and light compress your calves and enjoy the relief of circulation throughout your legs.

I have dry feet and calluses

Diabetes can cause foot problems like calluses, dry skin, and ulcers. Luckily, we have all the foot care supplies you need to keep your feet soft, moisturized, and comfortable. Foot creams and moisturizes fight against dryness, while our bath and body products like washes keep you clean and feeling fresh.