Reusable Underpads

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About Reusable Underpads

Reusable underpads, also called reusable chux, are large rectangular pads placed on car seats, chairs, floors, beds, wheelchairs, or any other furniture you’d like to protect from incontinence. Two super absorbent polymers soak up moisture, and plastic exterior makes sure nothing leaks through. Because reusable underpads can comfortably support up to 300 pounds without tearing, many caregivers use them to reposition loved ones. Not to mention, you can stop worrying about messy changes -- change your loved ones on top of an underpad, and your furniture stays dry and clean!

Since reusable underpads are machine washable, you can use the same pad again and again, saving you time and money!

Who would benefit from a reusable underpad?

Caregivers worried about their furniture, struggling to reposition loved ones, or who are simply looking for a cleaner changing process will love reusable underpads. They’re also perfect for anyone who leaks a little at night but doesn’t like to wear pads, pull-ups or diapers with tabs. Want to stop buying disposable underpads over and over again? A reusable pad is a convenient, reliable choice that you can machine wash and use as much as you want.

What size reusable underpad should I purchase?

Reusable underpads come in a variety of sizes, and picking the right one depends on your own unique needs. Most importantly, consider: what you might be placing the underpad on (the floor, couches, beds), and the size of the person who is incontinent. Larger pieces of furniture, like beds, will require larger underpads, while small chair cushions or wheelchairs will likely need a much smaller underpad.

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