Bowel Pads

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About Bowel Pads

Bowel pads are a special kind of pad that are heavy-duty enough to protect against bowel incontinence. But bowel pads don’t just work because of the absorbency -- they are specially shaped to work for bowel incontinence. Contoured to fit in and around the buttocks, these pads have protection in the areas you need it most. Plus, they’re built with special odor guards to keep users odor-free and discreet.

Are bowel pads the right solution for me?

If you’re experiencing bowel incontinence, but a pad or tab-style diaper doesn’t work for you, you may want to try a bowel pad. Great for temporary concerns, like post-surgery incontinence, or more long-term support, bowel pads are the right choice for anyone with bowel incontinence who prefers a pad. They can also be useful if you’re caring for someone else and you’d prefer quicker changes (there aren’t straps like a tab-style diaper). 

Bowel pads are also ideal for anyone whose body shape prohibits them from comfortably wearing a product that rests around the waist. If you have a stoma, sores, or any other abnormality that makes pull-ups or tab-style diapers tricky, try a bowel pad.

I’m not sure what size I should choose

Never purchased a bowel pad before and not sure of what size you should buy? Our Care Team is trained to answer questions like these, along with anything else you may need to know about our products. Call us at 855-855-1666.

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