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Belted Pads

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About Belted Pads

Belted pads, also called belted shields, are an incontinence product that can be worn either inside underwear or alone. Featuring a long, heavily padded body and two straps that secure the pad around the waist, this product is great for anyone who prefers a pad but needs a more contoured fit. Imagine a pull-up or tab-style diaper without the sides -- that’s what a belted pad is like. Some have elastic straps, and some have hook and loop fasters, but all have some sort of belt that secures the pad to your body. Some button straps are even reusable (you can find this information within the specific product descriptions).

Is a belted pad right for me?

Belted pads are often overlooked as an incontinence solution, but can be very useful in the right situations. Somewhere between a traditional pad and a pull-up, users who find pads aren’t absorbent enough, but aren’t quite ready for a pull-up, will find a perfect balance in belted pads. If you like pads, but they keep slipping, a belted pad may be a simple solution for a better fit. 

Boasting the heavy absorbency of a pull-up and the easy removal process of a pad, belted pads are great for traveling or quick changes. Whether you’re caring for yourself or someone else, belted pads may be just the solution you need.

How do I choose my size?

Like pull-ups and tab-style diapers, the best way to choose your belted pad size is to measure both your waist and hip in inches, then select the larger of the two numbers. Use that number to reference the sizing guides we provide with each product. 

I’m still not sure

Not convinced belted pads are right for you? Our knowledgeable customer Care Team can talk through all of your options, so you can ensure you’re making the best choice for yourself or a loved one. Reach us at 1-855-855-1666.

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