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About Men's Tab Diapers

While adult diapers with tabs are mostly unisex, they are always designed to work for male bodies, so you don’t have to worry about products not fitting right. Whether you’re searching for high absorbency overnight tab-style diapers or light daytime support, we have the adult diapers for men you need. Long-term users will find comfort in reliable, leak-free products our caregivers love, while temporary users, such as those recovering from a surgery, can find exactly what they need for a happy, healthy recovery.

Are Adult Diapers for Men right for me?

Not sure if you need a diaper with tabs? The general rule of thumb is that diapers with tabs work best for people caring for someone else. Their easily refastenable and adjustable straps make it simple and clean to change another person, and their larger sizes mean they’ll work for a lot of different body types. Unlike pull-ups, plus size diapers with tabs can reach up to a 4x size, meaning they’ll comfortably fit up to a 106” waist or hip.

Of course, you can use a diaper with tabs even if you’re caring for yourself. In fact, they’re a great option if you’re experiencing very heavy incontinence, bowel incontinence, or need a bariatric incontinence product. Just keep in mind that they can be a little difficult to put on yourself. We recommend fastening the tabs ahead of time, then stepping into the product like a traditional underwear. Once the product is on, you can tighten your tabs as much as you need for an ideal fit.

See our Adult Diaper Guide for more information

How do I choose which men’s diapers with tabs are right for me?

If it’s your first time shopping for men’s adult diapers, it can be daunting to choose the right one. Luckily, we’re product experts and we love to help!

To choose the best product for your needs:

  1. First, decide your level of absorbency. If you or your loved one is voiding in their adult diaper 2-3 times a day, it’s likely best to choose a moderate absorbency. If you’re voiding more often or are currently experiencing leaks, it’s best to choose an overnight diaper.
  2. Think about which features are best for you and your loved one. Most caregivers prefer extra sturdy tabs to avoid tears, and clothlike backing that’s breathable and keeps your loved one comfortable.
  3. Determine what size you need. It’s best to measure your waist and hip size in inches, then reference the sizing guides we provide with our products.
  4. Still not sure? Our Customer Care Team are product experts and we love to help! Give us a call at 855-855-1666 and we’ll help you find something great.

What is the best diaper for adults?

When it comes to men’s adult diapers with tabs, there are a few things that make certain products more premium than others.

  1. Absorbency. “Better” adult diapers for men will have better quality “polymers,” which are the tiny beads that soak up moisture. Because they have more polymer, they’re able to soak up more liquid - meaning, extra comfort for your loved one and fewer product changes for you.
  2. Clothlike backing and premium materials. Better adult diapers will be made with soft, gentle clothlike backing. Clothlike backing is breathable, cooling, and protects delicate skin.
  3. Extra sturdy and stretchy tabs. Premium diapers often come with stretchier, sturdier tabs, making it easier for caregivers to change their loved ones without the fear of tears.

What men’s diapers features should I look for?

Our men’s adult diapers are loaded with features designed to support caregivers and the loved ones wearing the product. Our caregivers love products with:

  1. Refastenable tabs. These make it easy for caregivers to stick and unstick tabs until they have an ideal fit
  2. Wetness indicators. Usually on the back of a product, these change color when it’s time for a change.
  3. Odor guards. Odor-guarding polymers lock away incontinence smells, keeping your loved one - and your home - smelling fresh.
  4. Sturdy and stretchy tabs. Caregivers love tabs that stretch across the body, and hold tight to the brief without ripping.
  5. Clothlike backing. Clothlike backing, instead of plastic backing, is one of the most important features a caregiver can choose. Plastic-backing tends to lock in heat and moisture, and can cause skin breakdown. Clothlike backing, on the other hand, allows incontinence vapors to pass through the brief, keeping skin cool and comfortable.

What are the best mens diapers for bowel incontinence?

If your loved one is experiencing bowel incontinence, the best option is an overnight tab-style brief. Overnight briefs boast extra absorbency and an extra-large panel up the back to protect from leaks. When it comes to bowel incontinence, you’ll want to be sure that you select a product with leg cuffs, as these strips of fabric can provide an extra layer of protection from any leaks.

Which mens diapers are best for overnight?

There are some excellent options for men that need overnight incontinence protection. Some of our caregiver favorites are the Tranquility ATN All-Through-the-Night Diapers with Tabs, and the Prevail Air Overnight Stretchable Briefs with Tabs.

Are there leak proof diapers for adults?

Our mens diapers are ultra-absorbent, keeping your loved one comfortable and dry, and giving you peace-of-mind. If you’re worried about leaks, try one of our overnight options. You can always add a booster pad for additional absorbency, as well! These soak up urine incontinence, then allow the moisture to pass through to the absorbent product beneath once full. You can even use these for targeted protection if your loved one is leaking out the sides or top of the diaper - just place the booster pad where your loved one needs additional absorbency the most.

Does Medicare cover adult diapers?

At this time, Carewell is unable to accept insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid. However, we can provide you with an invoice to send to your insurance company for reimbursement. See what is and isn’t covered in your Medicare plan.

What are diapers for adults called?

There are so many names for adult diapers it can be hard to keep track! Adult diapers are often referred to as “briefs,” “incontinence briefs,” “briefs with tabs,” “tab-style diapers,” or “tab-style briefs.”

How do I make sure I get the right size?

Choosing the right size diaper can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. Keep in mind that you’ll want to measure both waist and hip sizes. When choosing your size, make sure you reference the larger of those two numbers (in inches).

Is it OK for adults to wear diapers?

Many adults suffer from incontinence, and tab-style diapers are designed to support your needs. If you’re experiencing urine or bowel incontinence, an absorbent product like an incontinence brief can provide protection, discretion, and help you regain control of your life.

Need help?

Still not sure if male diapers with tabs are the right product for you? We’d love to help! Our customer Care Team is always happy to help you find exactly what you need. Just give us a call at 1-855-855-1666.

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