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About Toilet Paper

Toilet paper, or bathroom tissue, is a critical component of every household. At Carewell, we want to make sure you never have to reach for a roll and discover you’re out of toilet paper. That’s why we offer anything from single rolls to large bulk cases of toilet paper, so you always have what you need for your household. Keep your bathroom well-stocked and your family happy with our toilet paper! 

How do I choose a toilet paper? What does “ply” even mean?

One of the most important things to think about when choosing your toilet paper is “ply.” Plies are how the thickness of toilet tissue is measured, and plies refer to how many layers of paper are in the tissue. Most toilet paper comes in simple, double, or triple ply, meaning that the toilet paper comes with either one, two, or three layers of tissue.

Choosing what ply toilet paper to purchase depends on your family’s unique needs. Higher ply typically means the product is less likely to rip or tear, leading to a more comfortable experience overall. However, the higher the ply, the more expensive the product, so if you’re looking for a more affordable solution, consider a lower ply. 


Some toilet papers also have varying “softness,” so if you need a softer bath tissue, look for terms like “ultra-soft” or “quilted.” 

How do I know what size toilet paper I’m buying?

Shopping online for toilet paper can be tricky, because you can’t actually see the size of the roll in your hand. The best way to pick the right size is to look at “sheets per roll.” The higher sheets per roll, the larger the roll of toilet paper. An average person uses about eight sheets of toilet paper on each wipe, so consider how often your family needs to “go” when you’re stocking up on toilet paper.

Toilet paper feels a little rough on my or my loved one’s body. Is there something else I can use?

For some, especially those that experience incontinence, toilet paper is not delicate enough for regular wiping. To protect against tough wiping -- or if you’re just looking for a fresher feeling wipe -- consider our hygienic wipes. Our wipes are soft on skin and contain ingredients like aloe, Vitamin E, or lotion, so that your skin always stays healthy and fresh. All of our wipes are disposable and single-use, but if you need even more convenience, we offer flushable wipes that you can flush just like toilet paper.

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