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About Paper Products

When you’re too busy to clean up, paper products offer the ideal solution. Convenient, durable, and affordable, our paper products help ensure your family has everything you need for a happy home.

Which toilet paper is right for me?

Toilet paper is a staple on almost every household, you want to be sure you’re choosing the best possible toilet paper for your family. One of the most important factors in this choice will be “ply,” a word that refers to the amount of layers in the toilet paper. For a more durable toilet paper, you’ll want a higher ply, but you should keep in mind that these options tend to be more expensive. To decide which size you need, consider sheets per roll. For reference, most people use about eight sheets when they “go” so consider how often you use the restroom and how many people are in your household to make sure you have the right amount of toilet paper. Keeping your bathroom well stocked on toilet paper means you never have to reach for a roll and come up empty!

How do I choose my paper towels?

Paper towels are the quick and easy cleanup solution your family needs for every room in their house. Convenient and simple, just toss paper towels out after each use and never worry about washing them. To choose the right paper towels, you’ll want to think about sheet sizes (different sized paper towels are better for different jobs) and sheets per poll.

Want a cheaper, more environmentally friendly solution? Traditional towels and washcloths are perfect for cleaning up messes, and you can toss them into the washer with some detergent to use them again and again!

Which facial tissues should I use?

Facial tissues are a durable yet gentle solution anytime you have a cough, runny nose, or even tears. Like toilet paper, the level of “ply” in the tissue indicates how thick they are, but also typically comes with a higher price tag. Tough on mucus but gentle on skin, facial tissues are a staple in almost every home.