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About Carts & Trays

Make mealtime simple, easy, and fun with our carts and trays. Getting food to your loved ones can feel stressful, but at Carewell, we provide the products you need so that mealtime is smooth for you and your loved one.

What are food trays?

Food trays offer a simple, clean solution for delivering food to loved ones. Like paper plates, foam trays are a disposable surface for food. Sick of washing dishes? Forget about after dinner clean-up and just toss our single-use trays out when you’ve finished with them. Our food trays are also perfect for meal-prepping. The foam bottom keeps food fresh, and the sturdy, high-quality material helps them to hold up in your freezer for long periods of time.

What are carts?

Like food trays, carts are used to make mealtimes simple and clean. If you’re carrying food to your loved ones, a wheeled cart may be just the solution you need for simple, quick transport. Equipped to handle multiple plates and cups, save yourself extra trips to the kitchen with our food carts. Load up as many plates as you want, all in one trip!

Carts are also ideal for anyone trying to feed many people at once. Operating a health care facility or kitchen? Our carts can help you to easily load and transport food without running back and forth to the kitchen.

Do you offer any other products for mealtime?

We offer everything you need for mealtime with your loved ones! Browse our other kitchen and dining products to learn about our utensils, drinkware, bibs and aprons, and more. Have a loved one that’s experiencing dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing? Our line of nutrition products is here to make sure they stay healthy and happy. Check out our pre-packaged purees and drinks!

Have questions? Our friendly Care Team is happy to provide guidance. Just give us a call at 1-855-855-1666!