About Bibs & Aprons

Stop worrying about spills and stains during mealtime! Enjoy cleanliness and protection against stains with our curated selection of bibs and aprons. Our bibs and aprons easily fasten around yourself and your loved one so you can finally enjoy mealtime again. Bibs and aprons are soft and comfortable, and their waterproof material makes them the perfect safeguard against foodstuffs and even beverages.

What bib is right for my loved one?

Choosing the right bib can be tricky, but at Carewell, we’re here to help. We offer a wide range of bibs for every type of user, so you can be sure your loved one’s bib is just right.

First, consider whether you’d prefer a disposable or reusable bib. If you need quick, convenient changes, a disposable bib is likely right for you. Just remove the bib after a meal and toss it in the trash. No cleanup, no washes, no hassle.

If you’re looking for a more economical solution, you may want to consider a reusable bib. Reusable bibs can be washed after each meal, so you only have to purchase them once. Waterproof and durable, reusable bibs come in soft, gentle fabrics so your loved one is always comfortable.

If you need extra mess protection, look for extra-large bibs that provide lap protection as well as chest protection. If bibs aren’t long enough, consider an apron, which is traditionally longer and provides a little more protection.

My loved one has a latex allergy and I’m not sure they can use bibs

Many people suffer from a sensitivity to latex. Luckily, we stock all sorts of products so you can always find exactly what you need for your loved ones. If the person you’re caring for has a latex allergy, just check the product descriptions for terms like “not made with natural rubber latex” or “latex-free.” If you ever aren’t sure if a product contains latex, or you just have more questions about caregiving supplies, give us a call at 1-855-855-1666.

Looking for other ways to make mealtime easier?

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