About Waste Bags

Keep any room from the kitchen to the garage tidy and mess-free with our collection of waste bags. With all different sizes, our trash bags fit any of your containers with ease -- just check the gallon size to make sure you get the fit just right. Stock up on anything from large, outdoor bags to smaller, bathroom containers to be sure your home is clean and odor-free.

What waste bag is right for me?

First and foremost, when selecting a waste bag or trash bag, you’ll want to consider size. If you need bags for a large outdoor trash receptacle, you’ll need a higher gallon amount. Smaller gallon-sized trash bags are better for desk or bathroom receptacles, and tall or medium bags are best for the kitchen. Most trash receptacles or bins will list the gallon size on the container, so just be sure to choose a bag that’s the same size or bigger than the container you’re looking to fill.

Trash bags are for more than just trash

Waste bags are ideal for more than just holding trash. From projects around the home to transporting goods, trash bags are great for all sorts of projects. Moving? Consider heavy-duty trash bags as a quick alternative for clothing or other soft goods. You can even wrap them around clothes as a simple garment bag. Dealing with a stinky gym bag? Wrap used clothes or shoes in a trash bag before storing them to protect the rest of your things from odor.

What’s a hazardous waste bag?

At Carewell, we want to be sure you’re always equipped with whatever caregiving supplies you may need. That’s why we offer hazardous waste bags, in case your loved one is residing at a medical facility and they require extra protection. Used to contain hazardous waste, these bags are a safe way to handle any product that’s encountered bodily fluid. Since only licensed medical waste contractors may collect red bags, at-home caregivers should stick with a traditional waste bag.

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