All-Purpose Cleaners

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About All-Purpose Cleaners

Cleaning your home can feel difficult and time-consuming, but with the right products, cleaning can be a breeze. All-purpose cleaners keep things simple and allow you to shop less and focus more on your loved ones. Formulated for your convenience, they can be used on all kinds of surfaces, like wood, granite, ceramic, steel, and more. Most all-purpose cleaners are equipped with anti-bacterial, germ-killing ingredients that keep your family illness-free.

Should I use sprays, liquids, or wipes?

All-purpose cleaners come in a few different forms, a few of the most popular being liquids and wipes, each of which have their own specific benefits.

  • Sprays are used by either spraying a surface directly and wiping it off with a washcloth. Because there’s nothing to throw away afterword, these tend to be more eco-friendly than wipes. Liquid-form all-purpose cleaners can also be mixed with water to clean larger surfaces, like bathroom floors.

  • Liquids are applied to a washcloth, sponge, or even mop and then used to wipe the surface. Liquid all-purpose cleaners are often heavy-strength, and should be diluted with water. Like sprays, liquids tend to be more eco-friendly, because you can reuse your mop, sponge, or washcloth. Because they’re typically more heavy-duty than sprays, liquids like bleach can break down even the toughest spills, killing bacteria instantly. Some liquid cleaners, like bleach, can even be used to brighten laundry (be sure to follow laundry instructions on the bottle to prevent damaging clothing).

  • Wipes work best when cleaning a specific area. Offering a quick and convenient cleaning solution, wipes are used by rubbing a desired surface and then tossing the product in the trash. Unlike liquids and sprays, you don’t need an additional washcloth.

Need more targeted cleaning?

All-purpose cleaners are the perfect solution for general clean-up and disinfection, but sometimes you need something more specific. Check out our larger cleaning products category and browse other supplies like detergents and waste bags.