Mattress Protectors

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About Mattress Protectors

Keep your mattress clean, dry, and incontinence-free with our mattress protectors! Designed to protect your mattress against bodily fluids, liquid spills, perspiration stains, and any other messes, our mattress protectors are durable and waterproof. Enjoy soft, quiet protection, so you can get a good night’s rest.

How do I know if I need a mattress protector?

Our incontinence products are designed to prevent leaks, but there’s always the chance of an accident. That’s why you need the right products to protect your furniture. Underpads are a great solution for smaller pieces of furniture or targeted protection, but when you need all around mattress protection, a mattress protector works best. Mattress protectors are large, waterproof barriers that fit over your entire mattress to keep your furniture dry and clean.

Too busy to hunt for a new mattress? Mattress protectors extend the life of your mattress by protecting you against dust mites and allergens that can get trapped inside. Mattress protectors are even strong enough to protect against bed bugs.

I’m worried about keeping myself or my loved one dry

Mattress protectors are a perfect solution for keeping your furniture protected and dry, but when you’re looking to protect your loved one’s skin, you’ll likely need a wearable incontinence product. Incontinence products come in all shapes and sizes, and we offer everything you need to keep your loved ones healthy, comfortable, and dry.

Not sure which incontinence product is right for you or your loved ones? A good rule of thumb is that diapers with tabs are ideal for anyone taking care of someone else (they’re easy to take off and put on another person), whereas pull-ups are better if you’ll be using the product on yourself. Need lighter protection? Try an incontinence pad

Of course, you can always give us a call if you have more questions!