Digestion & Nausea

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About Digestion & Nausea

Nausea and digestion concerns can feel overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean they have to take over your life. Reclaim your day with over-the-counter digestive health solutions. At Carewell, we offer everything you need to get back to living your life, like enemas, suppositories, laxatives, antacids, and even sickness bags and basins. Not sure what you need? Talk to your doctor about your symptoms.

How do I deal with heartburn?

If you’re feeling a burning pain in your chest, typically behind your breastbone, you may be experiencing heartburn. Heartburn is common and can be caused by acidic foods, caffeine, pregnancy, obesity, and many common foods and beverages. While occasional heartburn isn’t cause for concern, you should consult a doctor if you’re experiencing more intense or prolonged pain.

Stop heartburn in its tracks with our antacids. Designed to attack the stomach acid build-up that leads to heartburn, antacids can eliminate the effects of heartburn in as little as half an hour. Enjoy the foods you love and worry less about discomfort.

How do I deal with constipation?

Constipation refers to a difficulty in moving bowels, leading to discomfort. Fortunately, there are many types of over-the-counter medication that can help you “go.” If you’re facing constipation, try:

  • Laxatives**,** an oral medication that stimulates a bowel movement in just 6-12 hours. Gentle on stomachs yet strong enough to relieve constipation, oral laxatives are a clean, simple solution. While they are the slowest acting of the three constipation solutions, they are also by far the most comfortable

  • Suppositories are similar to oral laxatives in that they stimulate bowel movements, however they work much more quickly.  Inserted into the rectum instead of taken orally, you’ll need to lie on your side and insert the suppository pointed end first. Wait in this position for about 15 to 20 minutes until you feel a strong urge to have a bowel movement. If you’re caring for someone else, you’ll want to follow the same process, keeping them still for the full 15-20 minutes or until they need to “go.”

  • Enemas, like suppositories, are used in the rectum to stimulate a bowel movement. To use an enema, you’ll need to lie on your side and gently insert the tip into the rectum, then squeeze the bottle. In 1 to 5 minutes, you should feel a strong urge to “go.” Enemas are by far the quickest solution to constipation, however they are often the most uncomfortable, so we recommend starting with oral laxatives if possible.

Do you offer any other over-the-counter medications?

We offer all the medicine and treatments you need to care for yourself and your loved ones. Our cold and flu medicine keeps you healthy during cold season, and our first aid supplies help you stock up your home for minor injuries. Questions about any of our products? Give us a call at 1-855-855-1666, and we’ll be happy to chat.