Walking Aids

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About Walking Aids

Walking can become tricky as we age, but staying mobile and independent is by no means impossible for many seniors. Walking aids of all kinds are available to help older adults get around on their own, without fear of falls. Caregivers can rest easy knowing that their loved ones have the tools they need to walk safely! Whether you’re facing decreasing strength or balance, have occasional mobility struggles, or are recovering from surgery and need temporary help, our walking aids are here to help you get around more easily.

Do I need crutches?

Crutches are a pair of long walking aids, typically lodged under an arm, or featuring a forearm cuff. They’re ideal for users who can’t put weight on one leg. If you’re recovering from a sprain or broken bone, underarm crutches may be a good fit for you. They’re used by lifting and swinging them in front of your body, then placing them down to support the weight of one leg as you walk. Crutches are a simple, convenient mobility solution for those with relative strength and balance.

Do I need a walker?

Walkers are used by those with mobility concerns to provide stability and balance while walking. If you’re prone to falls, shortness of breath, or dizziness, a walker may be a good fit for you. Walkers are ideal for indoor use and typically have no wheels, though some may have two in the front. If you just need a little help with balance, a walker may be the perfect solution.

Do I need a rollator?

A rollator is not the same as a traditional walker. Unlike walkers with no or two wheels, rollators are designed with four wheels, so they’re better equipped to handle outdoor use. They also come with handlebars and a built-in seat, so you can stop and rest if you need to. If you struggle with fatigue or you need occasional rests, a rollator may be just what you need for better mobility.

I need other mobility products, too

At Carewell, we carry lots of products to meet your mobility needs. Check out bathroom aids, braces and supports, or other household items. Still confused or need more help? Reach out to us at 1-855-855-1666. We're always happy to chat!