Shower & Bath Benches

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About Shower & Bath Benches

As we age, standing in the shower gets harder and harder. Sometimes we have low strength, sometimes our balance is a little off, and sometimes it’s just too tiring. At Carewell, we want to make you feel safe and secure, so we offer shower and bath benches that allow you to bathe and reclaim your peace of mind. 

Can’t I just use a kitchen chair?

Unlike folding chairs or kitchen chairs, shower and bath benches are specifically made to be used inside a shower. This means they’re water-resistant and protect you against slipping. They’re sturdier than standard chairs, so they don’t wiggle around in the tub, but they’re typically also easier to move, so you don’t have to worry about dragging a kitchen chair into the bathroom. Finally feel safe and secure as you bathe!

What should I consider when choosing a shower bench or bath bench?

The type of shower or bath bench you need depends on your particular lifestyle. You’ll want to start by making sure you choose the right size. If you’re over 250 pounds, you’ll need to look at a bariatric bath bench. Next, think about the size of your tub. If you just have a stand-up shower, you’ll want to select a shower bench that is narrower than a traditional bath bench, so that it fits inside your shower. Also, consider the weight of the shower bench or bath bench. If you live with others or have guests, they may need to be able to easily lift it in and out of the shower or tub so they can bathe.

I need a shower or bath bench because of a disability, but I’m worried I won’t be able to lift it.

Shower benches and bath benches are designed to help those who struggle to bathe on their own, but they can still pose a challenge for those worried about getting the bench into the shower. If you don’t have a caregiver or you need to be able to move the chair yourself, consider a lighter model. Some bath benches even come in the form of wheel-chair style chairs so you can roll them directly into the shower, without the need for heavy lifting.

If you have other mobility concerns, consider our other mobility tools, like walking aids, braces, and commodes.