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About Commodes

As we age, it can become difficult to get to a bathroom. Balance and strength issues can make it tricky to walk up a flight of stairs or even down a hall alone. That’s where commodes come in. Also called commode chairs or autonomy chairs, commodes are comfortable chairs with a basin attached, so you or a loved one can enjoy relief without having to go to a bathroom. The waste receptacle allows for easy removal and cleaning, and most are easy to transport.

Place commodes beside a bed, chair, or any place you feel comfortable and experience relief where you need it most.

Feel safe, secure, and independent

Commodes allow people with mobility concerns to take care of their needs themselves. No need to wake a caregiver -- just keep a commode beside your bed and enjoy safe, convenient bathroom breaks. Caregivers can relax knowing their loved ones aren’t trying to make it to the bathroom at night, and those receiving care no longer have to worry about falls.

How do I choose a commode?

There are many models of commodes, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to find one that’s just right. First, consider your size. Most commodes accommodate specific weight ranges, and if you’re above 250 pounds, you may want to consider a bariatric commode. Then, consider your own unique needs. Recovering from surgery and just need something short-term? A low-cost commode will likely suffice. Most users will want to go for something a little sturdier, however. Some commodes boast drop-arm designs, making them easy to access for wheelchair users or bariatric users.

I’m not sure what commode is right for me

Need some extra help selecting the right commode? Have questions about other bathroom aids like shower and bath benches?  Give us a call at 1-855-855-1666 and we can answer questions about any of our products. Our Care Team is friendly, knowledgeable, and always happy to help!