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About Bed Pans & Urinals

If you or a loved one struggle with mobility, it can be tricky to get to a bathroom. Fortunately, urinals and bedpans offer a comfortable, convenient, and simple alternative to a traditional bathroom. Urinals and bedpans are the perfect, simple solution for both the user and caregivers. Caregivers will find a simple-to-use design specially curated to remove any unnecessary stress. Urinal and bedpan users, on the other hand, will enjoy less pain and discomfort. They never even have to leave the comfort of their bed to use the bathroom.

What exactly is a portable urinal?

A portable urinal is not the same as the urinal you’ll find in a bathroom stall. They’re small, often hand-held, and are used for people who have trouble getting out of bed to use the bathroom. Much like a bedpan, urinals provide portable bladder support.  They’re simple and sanitary and are perfect for both temporary mobility issues or long-term bladder support. There are many different kinds of urinals, so be sure to explore what works best for you.

Many portable urinals even come with a cap, so that the urinal can contain waste for longer periods of time than a traditional bedpan. Caps can also be used to attach urinals to wheelchairs or bed rails, so they’re more convenient for users and caregivers.

Portable urinals are ideal anytime you won’t be able to access a bathroom for a period of time. For example, if you’re on a long road trip or going camping, you may want to carry along a portable urinal for convenient, sanitary usage.

Why would someone need to use a bedpan?

Like a portable urinal, a bedpan is ideal for any user who struggles to get to a bathroom. Used far and wide by caregivers, nursing homes and hospitals, they easily and hygienically collect waste. To use a bedpan, gently place it under a loved one whenever they need to go, then just clean it out and reuse as needed. Unlike urinals, bedpans are also equipped to handle bowel incontinence.

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