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About Socks

Your feet take care of you. But with every step you take, your feet encounter pressure and friction that can lead to discomfort. At Carewell, we offer a selection of soft, comfortable socks to protect your feet and minimize soreness. We offer more than just your every day pair of socks -- we offer specially designed non-slip socks, fall-management socks, and non-skid socks to keep you or your loved ones safe. Caregivers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are comfortable, warm, and safe.

I’m worried about slips and falls, and I’m not sure what kind of socks I need.

There are a few different options when it comes to socks. For older adults or those worried about slips and falls, we offer unique features to keep you safe and secure.

  • Non-slip socks feature rubber grips on the sole, so you can stay warm and in place. Non-slip socks are perfect for anyone worried about slippage, like older adults, yoga practitioners, and even children

  • Fall-management socks are similar to non-slip socks in that they focus on preventing slips and falls, but they’re a little sturdier. Featuring rubber on all sides, fall-management socks are ideal for all kinds of falls. Because of the dual-sided rubber, they’re also easier to put on and take off.

  • Non-skid socks feature a rubber sole and are shaped more like a traditional shoe or slipper. If you’re looking for a slipper to wear around the house than a traditional sock, these would be a good choice.

Do you offer any socks that can help with my diabetes needs? What about arthritis?

Reduce swelling and aches with compression socks! Designed to circulate blood flow throughout the legs and body, compression socks surround the feed with more cushion, so you can experience relief and comfort.

How else can I protect my feet?

Have other foot concerns? We offer many foot care products like foot washes, anti-fungal creams, and more to keep your feet clean, soft, and pain-free. Visit our foot care section to browse our carefully curated products, or give us a call at 1-855-855-1666, and we’ll be happy to help!