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Unisex vs. Men's and Women's Incontinence Underwear. What's the difference?

Unisex vs. Men's and Women's Incontinence Underwear. What's the difference?

Posted by Bianca P. on Sep 12th 2017

What is the difference between unisex or men's and women's disposable incontinence underwear? Which should I wear and why?

Adult disposable incontinence underwear, also referred to as pull-up diapers, are undergarments that prevent leaks and accidents when dealing with incontinence. These underwear work great for adults that are active, and want to feel confident when living with incontinence.

At Carewell, we always recommend gender-specific products when available for three reasons: better absorbency, more stylish, and more comfortable fit


Gender-specific products, like men's protective underwear and women's protective underwear, are designed for maximum protection against leaks and accidents by providing protection in the part of the underwear needed most based on gender.

For example, men require more absorbency in the front portion of the underwear, while women require better absorbency towards the bottom of the underwear.  Unisex underwear adds absorbency in both places, rather than adding more protection where your body needs. Although a unisex incontinence underwear is still a great option, you'll find gender-specific pull ups to reduce accidents over the long run.


When wearing incontinence underwear, you can still feel feminine or masculine by choosing a product designed for your gender.

Women's incontinence underwear are made to look and feel very similar to a traditional panty. They even come in a variety of feminine colors like the Prevail Daily Pull-Up Underwear for Women, which come in a pretty lavender. 

On the other hand, men's incontinence underwear are made to look and feel like a traditional men's underwear, like Prevail Per-Fit Pull-Up Underwear for Men, which comes in a steely gray. Most men's pull-ups come in a white color and some even feature masculine designs like the TENA Men's Protective Underwear pinstripe look.

Unisex underwear typically comes in a white color and look/feel like a traditional pull-up diaper. Click on the images to checkout the product page.

Prevail underwear for womenPrevail underwear for menPrevail Boxers for Men


The way our bodies carry weight differ if you're a man or woman. Gender-specific products are designed to fit the waist, hip, and leg cuff sizes based on gender. When your underwear fits better, it leads to less leaks and accidents helping you feel more confident. Lastly, better fitting products means you'll feel more comfortable while wearing your underwear. Nothing beats a comfortable fit.

Unisex incontinence underwear are made in standard sizes to fit both men and women, which means they're not the best possible fit for your gender.

TENA women's protective underwear super plusTENA Men's protective underwear

Overall, gender-specific underwear should be your top-choice when trying incontinence products as they're more suited for your gender's needs and help you feel more empowered. Unisex underwear, while still a great option, aren't as good as their gender-specific counterparts. 

However, if you're looking for a more cost-effective alternative, unisex underwear are slightly less expensive than gender-specific as they're less customized for your body.

For a limited time only, we're having a sale on all Gender-Specific (Men's & Women's) Adult Disposable Underwear. We encourage all customer's to try an underwear made specifically for their gender and give us your feedback.

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