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How To Manage Incontinence At Work

How To Manage Incontinence At Work

Posted by Bianca Padilla on Nov 29th 2016

Dealing with an overactive bladder is never fun, but when you’re in the workplace it can be especially inconvenient. Whether you’re constantly fighting the urge to run to the restroom or you’re worried about a possible episode while you’re on a conference call or trapped in that important meeting, the following tips will help you take back control of your bladder issues and start managing your incontinence like a boss.

Start timing. Many urologists and incontinence experts recommend practicing what’s known as “timed voiding.” That is, scheduling your bathroom breaks based on the clock, not on your urge to go. So, instead of waiting until you feel the need to go every three or four hours, go to the bathroom every two hours, whether you have to go or not. This helps you control your condition without letting it control you.

Avoid the water cooler (or coffee pot). When you’re trying to manage your incontinence, the last thing you need is to overdo it on liquids. Avoid hitting the office watering hole and try not to keep any drinks at your desk. This will help you reduce the amount you’re drinking so you don’t end up with any potential incidents. Avoiding coffee is also a good idea, because since it’s a diuretic, it can irritate the bladder. (Don’t skip liquids altogether, just find a healthy balance.)

Dress accordingly. Darker clothing can help disguise a small accident, so try to dress in a way that will keep your condition under wraps. If you feel more comfortable, it can be helpful to keep a change of clothes on-hand, just in case. Just try to keep your backup outfit similar to the one you’re currently wearing so it’s not obvious if you have to change.

Use the products available to you. It may feel like you’re the only one who suffers from incontinence, but you’re not. In fact, millions of people in the US alone are living with overactive and other bladder conditions. It’s no surprise, then, that there are plenty of products on the market today that are designed to make managing incontinence at work easy and convenient. Try a few out and see if they offer a solution that’s right for you.

Consider confiding in your boss. If it gets to the point where your bladder issues at work are becoming noticeable, you may want to consider confiding in your boss about the situation. This can help you stay ahead of the problem and avoid an even more uncomfortable conversation down the road. Let your boss know that you’re actively working to manage your condition and explain what that means (i.e. having to leave your desk to go to the bathroom every hour or two).

With everything else you have on your plate at work, worrying about your bladder control issues is the last thing you need. By taking the above steps, you can proactively manage your symptoms and prepare for the unexpected like a pro.

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