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Arthritis & Exercise: Relief Through Resilience

Posted by Carewell Staff on Sep 16th 2020

Joints are made to move. If a person rests a sore knee or hip or elbow day after day, the muscles that support the joint will slowly weaken. At the same time, the tendons that attach the muscle to the bone will become less elastic. To a person with arthritis, this all adds up to more pain a … read more

The Doctor is In: 6 Incontinence Questions to Ask Your MD

Posted by Carewell Staff on Sep 11th 2020

If you were recently diagnosed with incontinence, know that you're not alone: Up to 35 percent of older people living on their own have some degree of incontinence. Developing a partnership with your doctor early in the process and maintaining an open, honest dialogue can help you gain a cl … read more

5 Steps to Easier Living with Urinary Incontinence

Posted by Carewell Staff on Sep 9th 2020

Living with urinary incontinence can be frustrating and often embarrassing. Whether you were recently diagnosed with a bladder issue or have been struggling for years, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Millions of people just like you have found ways to live an active life to … read more

September is Skincare Awareness Month!

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Sep 8th 2020

Our skin says a lot about us—it’s our most visible organ and can help us feel more youthful, attractive, and confident. But, like the rest of our body, it requires care and maintenance. The good news is that taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be complicated—si … read more

How to Care for Loved Ones with Dementia and Incontinence

Posted by Brianna Maguire on Sep 8th 2020

If you’re caring for someone with dementia and incontinence, know that you aren’t alone. Many people face incontinence as a result of dementia, especially during the later stages. The most important thing is making sure your loved one feels dignified and respected while you mana … read more
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