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Swimming Your Way to Self-Care

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Nov 16th 2020

I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay and spent every summer splashing through the waves of the Outer Banks. As a child, I wore a swimsuit more often than a shirt, grew immune to jellyfish stings, and smelled more like saltwater than shampoo. Then adolescence hit and I stopped swimming. … read more

60-Second Read: 5 Bathing Products for Bedridden Loved Ones

Posted by Carewell Staff on Nov 16th 2020

No way to get your loved one to a shower or bath? No worries. From no-rinse wash to shampoo caps, we've put together a handy list of water-free options for cleansing bedridden loved ones. Read on for our favorite ways to ensure clean, fresh skin in any environment. … read more

Ask Jonathan: "How Do I Talk to My Mom About Her Finances?"

Posted by Jonathan Magolnick on Nov 16th 2020

I’m having some trouble getting my mom to open up about her finances. I’m not with her everyday in her home, so I want to make sure she’s spending wisely. She’s getting closer to retirement, so I’d also like to get a sense of what her savings looks like. How c … read more

Crowded House: When Parents Become Roommates

Posted by Carewell Staff on Nov 16th 2020

At first, Emma* thought her father's unusual behavior stemmed from grief over his wife, but after three years, it was continuing to alarm her. He forgot appointments and neglected to pay his bills. His business failed. There were never any groceries in the house and he started staying in be … read more
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