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Caregiver Stories: Beth

Posted by Beth Witrogen McLeod on Jun 29th 2020

Although my father had battled a rare but non-metastasizing form of cancer for 25 years, my mother had never been sick a day in her life. The alarming news of her illness, that it was not arthritis but in fact Lou Gehrig's disease with an accompanying Alzheimer's-type dementia, came from ou … read more

Carewell, Eatwell: "Kale Them with Kindness" Smoothie Recipe

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Jun 24th 2020

There are three kinds of people in this world: Those who love kale, those who hate kale, and those who REALLY hate kale. As someone who grew up eating collard greens on a regular basis, kale actually tastes decidedly non-bitter to me. But for the 90% of Americans who claim to hate the bitt … read more

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Humor Therapy

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Jun 23rd 2020

We’ve all heard the warnings about negative emotions: Stress can sap your immune system. Anger can lead to heart trouble. Depression can slow your recovery from illness. But how often do you hear the flip side of the story? Research shows that positive emotions, including humor, can … read more

From Senior Citizen to Senior Fit-izen: Aerobic Exercise for the Over-60 Set

Posted by Valerie Henderson on Jun 17th 2020

Just like virtue, exercise is its very own reward, and adhering to a regular fitness routine can help you feel as strong as you did back when JFK was president. The cornerstone of any senior fitness program should be aerobic exercise. As we age, we need to seek out activities like running, … read more
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