Autoship Order
How can I create an autoship order?
Turn any order into a recurring order, auto-shipped right to your door! Add items to your cart you wish to purchase. Just select the products you want to automatically receive and click "Create Suscription"!
How can I skip my next autoship order?
Order dates can be changed from the Manage Autoships page. Click on the autoship order you wish to change and select a new Next Shipment Date from the drop down selector. Your delivery frequency will stay the same. You can also change how often you receive future orders by selecting a new interval from the Delivered Every drop down selectors.
How can I edit my autoship order?
Need to change your shipping address or how often you receive your autoship order? Edits can be made to autoship orders from the Manage Autoships page. Click on Your Account > Manage Autoships. Click on the autoship order you would like to make changes to. Shipping and Billing addresses can be edited by clicking on the ellipsis menu, three vertical dots, on the upper right corner of the autoship order. Change how often or when you want to receive the order by changing the frequency, "Delivered Every", and next shipment, "Next Shipment Date", located under Schedule on the left side of the autoship order details page.
How can I cancel my autoship order?
Autoship orders can be cancelled at anytime. Navigate to Your Account, from the drop down menu on the upper right corner of the screen, click Manage Autoships. Select the autoship order you wish to cancel. Click Cancel Autoship on the bottom left corner of the autoship details page. You will be asked to confirm you cancellation.
I can't click on the autoship features in the checkout page.
Unable to access autoship features? Check to see if you are signed in to your account. Only customers who are signed in can start autoship orders at this time.
Can I use my store credit or discounts/coupons on autoship orders?
Yes, store credit and discounts/coupons can be applied to autoship orders at the time of checkout.